I’m running to serve our community and help preserve the American Dream. I know the value of hard work and standing up for what you believe in. I will serve you every day with honor and integrity.

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7th Generation Floridian, Civic Leader,
Local Business Champion

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On The Issues

As a proud father who is raising his family right here in District 33, I have a vested interest in keeping our community safe and prosperous. I will stand for traditional family values, so our hardworking families have the support and leadership they deserve.

From our unborn children to our vulnerable seniors, I believe in the sanctity of life and preserving everyone's God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a small businessman, I experienced firsthand that the engine of our economy is people and small businesses. I will be an advocate for our local businesses while fighting for lower taxes and less burdensome regulations.

Our country has seen the chaos that comes from crippling and defunding law enforcement. I pledge to stand firmly alongside local law enforcement and ensure they always remain fully funded.

I believe that our Constitutional rights are not up for debate. Our nation's founders enshrined in our Constitution the right to bear arms in order to defend our property and families. I will stand up to any tyrant who wants to take that freedom away.

Florida’s environment and natural resources are important to our way of life. Preserving these treasures for future generations must be made a priority, and I am committed to protecting our water and open spaces.


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